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What if I have a non-Problem related question?

We all have questions! Maybe you have a question about how something in exSTEMsions works. Maybe you have a technical issue. Maybe you have a question about how we create our problems, or you want to share feedback about our site. We want to hear from you in all of these cases (and in all of the other ones we didn't mention) so we've built lots of different avenues to help into our site. Here, we want to make sure you can find them all, especially when you need them!

For math questions or support with problems: Visit the 'Support' icon on your main navigation bar (the fourth icon from the right). Here you'll be able to access our private Facebook discussion group, or, if you are a Level 3 subscriber, contact our team for direct, one-on-one support. 

For technical support: Use the 'Contact Support' link on the top right of this User Guide page. How do you get to the User Guide page? From any page, click the green question mark inside of the white bubble at the bottom left of your screen. 

For billing/access support:  Use the 'Contact Support' link from the User Guide.

For all other inquiries: Have feedback or an idea to share, or a general question? That's okay too - we'd love to hear what you think. Use any of the ways to contact us listed above, or know that you can always contact us directly, using

We're here for you! Let us know how we can help!

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