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What is 'The Archive'?

The Archive is where you’ll find Problems that aren’t from This Week. It is the third icon from the left in your main navigation menu. Problems listed in the Archive might be ones we posted before you joined, and that are totally new to you, or they may be ones you missed (perhaps you were busy last week, and didn’t quite get to your Problem). If you subscribe at Level 1, your Archive will contain up to one month of problems (solved and unsolved). At Levels 2 and 3, you get the whole set - all of our Problems, since the very beginning!

The Archive is also where you'll be able to see whether each Problem, and its connected Exstemsion, has been Solved, or remains Unsolved. This helps you to know which Problems you've finished completely, which Problems you might have only partially finished, and which Problems you've yet to dig into. 

Another thing that you can find in the Archive is the area of mathematics that each Problem falls into. These are listed on each Problem in the Archive. The areas are Visualization, Proving Things, Counting and Number Sense, Algebraic Thinking, Understanding Structure, and Finding Patterns.  These areas give you a sense of the kinds of math you'll be tackling in any given problem. If you find you really enjoy problems from a certain area, or maybe you'd like more practice in a particular type of math, you can filter by area using the filter at the top of the Archive page. 

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