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How do we use 'This Week'?

Every week there is a new Problem, fittingly known as the Problem of the Week.  You will see it as the second choice in the main navigation menu. When viewing the Problem of the Week, you will notice to the right of the Problem is the blue Resource menu, featuring the Problem’s additional tools. When you access a fresh Problem, you can certainly dive right in if you like, and then access some of the Resources as you need them. In other cases, it might make sense to check out some of the key Resources before you begin your problem-solving. For a quick overview of each of the Resources, click here: Resources: the overview!

How you approach each new problem depends on who you are, and what your goal is. If you are a working with a child, you might review the problem and check out Resources like Thinking Skills and the Math Category before you begin working with your learner, to have a sense of the kind of learning you have in store. Depending on the problem, you might review all or part of the Solution, if you'd like to have a sense of where things are going ahead of time. This is also where you'll find questions you can ask your learner, for if and when they get stuck as they work through different sections of the problem. 

If you are a learner, you may want to jump right into the Problem, and see where it leads. You can also review Resources like the Thinking Skills or Math Category, and even open the Solution. We suggest using the Solution if and when you need it - it opens just one section at a time, so you can use the section you need, when you need it, without ruining the magical feeling that comes when you've worked hard and figured out something awesome for yourself. 

Remember, these are just ideas! You may click anywhere you like, anytime you like - it's totally up to you.  If you want to get to the Big Ideas right away, for example, you can certainly do that, but you will be taking the chance of spoiling the fun of thinking through the problems with your learner, or yourself. 

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