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Prepare your child to excel!

At exSTEMsions, we enable you to grow your child as a mathematician, problem solver, and critical thinker.

Each week, you and your child will get an out-of-the-box problem that will give you the chance to do out-of-the-box learning. Just dive right in and get started building new skills, and growing the skills your child already has!

And don’t worry - each problem also comes with all the support you’ll need to work through it, together. Clear, friendly, step-by-step solutions are paired with tools to help you if you get stuck, make you sure you know what you’re doing, and understand why it matters. You’ve got this!

exSTEMsions is for your family if...

  • You want to improve your child’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills, to help them excel in school and life.

  • Your child finds math to be boring, or not challenging, because it’s not being presented in a way that they can connect with or relate to.

  • Your child is engaged by puzzles, riddles, and tasks that give them time to think creatively.

  • You know how vital math is to your child’s success in school and in the job market, and you need a new way to engage your child with math.

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You CAN be your child's math hero

You know that your child needs mathematics. Learning math not only makes children better thinkers, it also prepares them for a job market that gets more competitive every year.

Math doesn’t have to be your favorite thing for you and your child to be successful with exSTEMsions. Each problem comes with all of the tools you need to support your child, to make sure you feel confident helping them, and give you both a window into why the math you are doing really matters. Our problems, solutions, and tools are expertly written, based on a deep knowledge of mathematics and the best ways to learn it, AND are easy to use. We empower you to help your child.

And with us, you can leave your math anxiety at the door. We understand this anxiety, and how it makes math that much harder to learn. That’s why we’ve written our materials to guide you, step by step, in a friendly, funny, and conversational way. We don’t throw you to the lions; we turn you into a gladiator!

Be reassured that no matter how you feel about math, we always have your back. Our community forum answers questions and has open discussions about problems and solutions, and you have the option to subscribe to one-on-one support which allows you to ask our expert team any questions you have (and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours). You can do this. Your child deserves it!

Still have questions? Read our FAQs here for even more information!

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