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Math is for you!

We all know you’re stuck doing math, there's no way around it. Do you really want to be falling asleep while you do it? Wouldn’t it be great if you knew somebody that could give you really cool problems to do, math that would keep you happily awake? (Hint: that somebody is us!)

You shouldn’t have to tape your eyelids open every time you do a math problem. Quit buying tape, and use that money to buy yourself a pencil sharpener; you’re going to need it, because you will want to come back to our math, again and again!

exSTEMsions might just be for you if...

  • You're interested in building important thinking skills you'll actually use in real life!

  • You want to finally see some math that you'll think is really cool, even if you don't love math!

  • You're ready to put your skills to the test with one-of-a-kind, fun challenges!

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This might sound silly, but really, cool kids do math. Kids play video games, but cool kids want to code their own games. Kids dream about driving fun cars, but cool kids want to design them. And we can help you to build the skills you need to do just that. Let us make math your vehicle to future success!

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